We’re living in the age of revolutionary social media where everyone is a journalist in their own selves but, what makes a change when it comes to an authorized news platform is the credibility of the news source. We INDEPENDENT BHARAT are starting this news portal with a commitment to ensure the credibility of our content, so as to make sure the readers can rely on the content, facts, and figures.

As said globalization has made the world a small village today after getting free from the hectic daily schedule most of the people are willing to watch and know about the important events happening around them and in the world. We (Independent Bharat) aim at providing them all the news and information they’re concerned about. Despite being a news platform we believe in publishing creative content too, which makes it even more interesting for the readers.

We try to make sure that the content published is entirely unbiased and none of the parties are favored.

Moreover, the news is portrayed in such a way that it is clear, concise, creative, and free from all the personal thoughts, believes, and ideologies of our journalists. This makes us stay out of the box and a reasonable news source. Our motto is to make a change in the nation with our content in some way or the other. Just providing news is not what we intend to do. Instead, being able to be a helping hand in the revolution of India is what our objective is. Apart from this news portal, we also have a Youtube Web Channel which was established in April 2020. For any sort of in-depth analysis or detailed reports on the major subjects and issues do visit our web channel.

Independent Bharat